By: Vincent Carlo Cuzon

Thousands of students awakened the halls of Ateneo last June 8, 2015, as the new school year entered its threshold. The various offices and organizations in the university are now upbeat in their orientations, seminars, general assemblies, and other projects. It is the start of a myriad of projects from these entities.

In national politics, we are familiar with the first 100 days of the government, whereby the government’s first projects are highlighted to the eyes of the public. By rounded ratio and proportion, let us scratch the surface and see what our very own SAMAHAN Central Board has done in its first fifteen days of the new school year.

June 8, 2015

The SAMAHAN Central Board welcomed the Ateneans with their semester-opener entitled “UP and Away!” The event moved with the tagline “Bringing you to new heights and perspectives.” A parade ensued, which displayed the colors of the various divisions. The tagline ‘New heights and perspectives’ is still to be delivered by the SAMAHAN Central Board.

June 16, 2015

The Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) has issued a memorandum regarding the strict adherence to the use of practicum uniform. Many students raised their concerns through social media, which prompted the SCB to raise the issue to the OSA. The consultation session between the SAMAHAN Central Board and the OSA resolved that the memorandum will be strictly implemented once the practicum IDs are provided.

June 17-19, 2015

SAMAHAN committee recruitments started for the various committees in SCB. The SAMAHAN Central Board has launched its new set of committees. The committees are: SAMAHAN Ecoteneo Student Unit, SAMAHAN Welfare, SAMAHAN Office of the Buklod Ambassador, SAMAHAN Research and Development, SAMAHAN Productions, SAMAHAN Communications, SAMAHAN Commission on Internal Audit, SAMAHAN Sponsorship and Support, SAMAHAN Task Force. That’s an impressive roster of committees for SAMAHAN Central Board, well, for events organization.

The Basic Student Services Committee, where the basic student concerns are lobbied was not considered by the SAMAHAN Central Board. Perhaps, SCB became dependent to ADDU Confessions for doing the great job of lobbying students’ concerns. Fair enough, the students are now even closer to ADDU Confessions than their very own student government.

June 19, 2015

The orientation days of the various divisions were organized. Aside from the issues that have surfaced on the Humanities and Letters’ GENDER BENDER event, where cases of obscenity were reported, overall, SAMAHAN Central Board has delivered its purpose of conducting the orientations.

The events mentioned are within the first 15 days of the new school year. The interim or transition period was not considered. The first 15 days of the SAMAHAN Central Board is just a gauge of what is to come this coming school year. The influencing level of the SAMAHAN Central Board is still at its high level during the first 15 days of service.

Beyond these 15 days, the students are yet to see what “SAMAHAN Moving Further” is all about.