by Adrian Chester Inojales

LIYAB, the official publication of the Pinag-isang Lakas ng Samahan ng mga Progresibong Atenista (PIGLASAPAT), sends its regards and congratulations to the newly elected officers of the Engineering and Architecture Student Executive Council (EASEC). May they serve with commitment and distinction to the student body of the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA). Moreover, let they be worthy of the trust placed square upon their shoulders.        

The Engineering and Architecture Student Executive Council (EASEC) produced its new set of officers after its successful elections last February 22 to 24, 2016. This is in partnership with the electoral arm of the studentry, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

easecNEW ON THE BLOCK. The results of the recently concluded EASEC elections. (Courtesy of ADDU SEA official Facebook page)

 Lilibeth Diane Yu, being the lone candidate for the position of Internal Vice President, garnered a unanimous vote from the total student population of the School Of Engineering and Architecture (SEA). The said school’s future industrial engineers must also be proud as two Industrial Engineering students, Wilfredro Gabriento Jr. and Chardanne Marie Magno, were elected as External Vice President and Secretary General, respectively. 820 votes went on for Gabriento and 828 votes were for Magno.

Kristine Carabana won the seat as EASEC’s treasurer with 839 votes in her favor.  As for the positions of auditor and public relations officer, Edimay Gallardo and Chrystelle Cordero won through 576 and 724 votes each.

Going on to EASEC’s course representatives, Lanie Mae Villorejo ran as the representative for the Chemical Engineering going in with 111 votes which ensured her bid. Despite being one of the smallest departments in the School of Engineering and Architecture, Justin Madrazo mirrored Yu, as he was unanimously elected as the Computer Engineering Representative.

Although the other elections were met without competition, others were exemptions. This was evident between Brian Supera and Justhon Ang who were both vying for the seat of Architecture Representative. In the end, Supera won, gaining 169 votes over Ang’s 75 and allowing him to implement his platform of “Serve, Unify, Push, Empower and Resume” (SUPER).

The same could be said for the election of Industrial Engineering Representative. Camille Casas topped against Nathalie Estipona with 62 votes on  35 for Estipona.  She ran with her two pronged platforms of KUYAW which is “Keep Up, United, You, Ascend” abbreviated and WAHAS (With all heart and soul) to the Industrial Engineering students.

Ernico Dulay, a 4th Year Civil Engineering student, gained the majority of votes from his department. He bared on his priorities under his platform of DULAY (Determined, United, Legit, Active and You’re the Boss). As for the Mechanical Engineering Representative, Anna Villame ran with the platform of ANDAM which Villame says is, “. . . oriented to empowerment, discipline, and the student body of my course.” She won unopposed with 98 votes that guaranteed her seat.

Along with Computer Engineering, the Electrical Engineering is the second least populated course among the School of Engineering and Architecture. However, this did not stop Carl Gabriel Beduya’s bid as the Electrical Engineering Representative where he was voted unanimously, with the promise of responsible and authentic representation.

The newly elected officers of the EASEC will perform their duties by the next academic year of 2016 to 2017.