By: Ivan Jules S. Capin

Loud cheers and booming drums echoed throughout Arrupe Hall last June 15, 2016 when SAMAHAN kicked off the first semester of the academic year with the Carnival of Colors.

The ribbon cutting ceremony that officially opened the event was followed by a parade of flags led by the respective division representatives of the university’s nine divisions and clusters.

Each division and clusters also had its own booth where they sold food and refreshments as well merchandise as their fund raising efforts in preparation for the upcoming Ateneo Fiesta.

Along with the Ateneo Dance Troupe, the dance companies of each division and cluster also performed in an intermission number before SAMAHAN Central Board President John Chin took the floor to present SAMAHAN’s main thrusts and committee heads for the year.

Chin enumerated SAMAHAN’ thrusts in a four point agenda that included interactive communications strategies, an inclusive and adaptive studentry, systemized student concerns and protocols, and environmental awareness and action.

“This year we will not settle for mediocrity,” Chin assured the students attending the said event.  He also highlighted “Breaking Through”, the SAMAHAN’s slogan for the year as it departed from last year’s “Moving Further”.

Photo courtesy of ADDU SAMAHAN official Facebook page