By: Ivan Jules S. Capin and Gabrielle O. Giner

Accompanied by the shrieks of sirens and wails of alarms, Ateneo de Davao’s college and Senior High students, faculty, and staff as its participants, conducted an earthquake drill today.

The drill started at 9AM, where alarms and sirens simultaneously rang which indicated the start of an earthquake.

Instructions to the participants to “duck, cover, and hold” were blasted through the public announcement system.

Participants of the drill were then evacuated to designated assembly points in accordance to the university’s emergency evacuation plan.

Those in the Finster and Canisius buildings and from the Community Center of the First Companions were led to M. Roxas Boulevard, while those in the Bellarmine, Thibault, Wieman and Dotterweich Halls as well from Martin Hall were evacuated to E. Jacinto Street.

The said drill was made in congruence with the government-organized National Disaster Awareness Month.

National agencies, local government units, the private sector, and other concerned actors participated in the said drill throughout the Philippines such as in Metro Manila.

Private and public schools in all levels, whether elementary, junior and senior high schools, colleges and universities also organized their own earthquake drills so as to raise awareness and promote vigilance against natural disasters.