Written by: Jana Tabligan

With the theme of Pangaea: Continents Combine, the Campus Clubs Organization (CCO Week) opened its yearly CCO Week at Arrupe Hall last July 4, 2016.

The event kicked off with a lively parade accompanied by loud cheers and banging drums made by club members of the seven clusters that comprise the CCO namely the: Culture and Arts, Socio-Civic, Engineering and Architecture, Social Sciences and Education, Faith and Formation, Business, and Science and Technology clusters.

“We wanted to show and highlight unity among our seven clusters and we found that the seven continents have fit that requirement perfectly,” the current CCO Chairperson, Khryzza Mae Pinzon explained.

The members of the CCO Executive Board as well as the heads of its component committees were also introduced by Pinzon, to which are:

  • Gem Margaret Ortega, Internal Vice President
  • Ericka Gadat, External Vice President
  • Miah Adiong, Finance Officer
  • Mary Pauline Ticong, Secretary General
  • Ernest John Ulep, Chief of Staff
  • Danielyn Soncio, Secretariat Head
  • Queenie Angelie Efren, Production Head
  • Pamela Venezuela, Rangers Head
  • Neil Joseph Esperanza, External Affairs Head
  • Nicole Marie Molina, Creative Head
  • Hannah Mae Tuso, Stagers Head

After Pinzon’s introduction, the program ended with the club booths being opened to the studentry from July 4 to July 11.

The opening will be followed with the Clash of the Clusters on July 6, a quiz bee between the teams of each cluster and by a performance of acclaimed dance group, Kindred in the culmination at July 11.