Spearheaded by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), the General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) Executive Board Elections was held on July 11, 2016 at Room F213.

SAMAHAN Central Board President and election presider John Chin emphasized the role of the GACP in the success of student activities during his opening remarks.

“I hope that we can all work together to break through all the challenges that this school year may bring,” Chin said.

COMELEC Chairperson Mark Lloyd Ramirez welcomed the class presidents and encouraged them to vote wisely by saying, “I hope you choose leaders who are willing to serve the Ateneans.”

Shortly afterward, Chin called the session to order, explaining the nomination scheme: the floor will first be open for nominations by other presidents, then for self-nominations.

The nomination began in ascending order according of the positions. Once it has been closed, the candidates were given two minutes to share their platforms and visions before proceeding to the formal election, which will was carried out through the raising of right hands.

Carlos Gempesaw (BS Nursing 3) and Diana Mejorada (BS Social Work 3) were nominated for the position of finance officer, while Mildan Romero (BS Accountancy 3) nominated himself.

Gempesaw said that it was up to his fellow class presidents whether or not they will vote for him or not.

Mejorada said that she will prioritize the delivery of transparent financial statements and the maximization of budget, while Romero focused on the importance of transparency, budget allocation, and logistics as a finance officer.

Out of 115 votes, Gempesaw garnered 2; Mejorada, 42; and Romero, 71, declaring him the new GACP finance officer.

For the position of secretary-general, Centina Taynan (AB Political Science 3) and Bianca Binag (BS Entrepreneurship 2) nominated themselves.

Taynan promised to empower the presidents by redefining the position of secretary-general and bringing it to a whole new level. Binag, on the other hand, presented her “R-M-S”: reliable documentation, maximizing means of communication, and students monitoring system.

A total of 38 class presidents voted for Taynan, while 69 were in favor of Binag, and she emerged the new GACP secretary-general.

Only Raphil Saguan (AB Mass Communication 4) ran for the position of external vice-president.

Saguan put emphasis on his experiences outside the country that will help him establish external linkages that the GACP could tap in order to hold more activities and events.

Chairperson Ramirez said that in order for Saguan to win, he needed half of the current voting population plus one class president to be in his favor. In the end, Saguan garnered 108 out of 117 votes.

For the position of internal vice-president, Myka Nunez (BS Industrial Engineering 4) and Chrislen Bulosan (AB Mass Communication 4) nominated for themselves.

Nunez talked about bringing back the Internal Regulations Commission for the Assembly to function more efficiently. On the other hand, Bulosan expressed her plans to establish partnerships and conceptualize projects with the EVP.

Out of 117 class presidents,33 were in favor of Nunez, while 72 voted for Bulosan.

Previous nominees, Mejorada and Keanne Sy were initially nominated for GACP chairperson, but both of them objected. Alyenna Cifra (BS Mechanical Engineering 3) and Adnan Manibpel (BS Accounting Technology 4) nominated themselves for the position.

Cifra said that the GACP should not only focus on its internal affairs, but should also strive to become Sui Generis leaders, while Manibpel shared about his background as a member of the Assembly for five years already.

In the end, 67 class presidents were in favor of Cifra, while 39 voted for Manibpel.

To recapitulate, the new members of the GACP Executive Board are as follows: Mildan Romero as finance officer, Bianca Binag as secretary-general, Raphil Saguan as external vice-president, Chrislen Bulosan as internal vice-president, and Alyenna Cifra as chairperson.