The journey is still far from over!

Being chosen as a delegate in the 2nd ASEAN Youth Workshop on Media Literacy, PIGLASAPAT’s Director for Political Affairs Oliver Dun Abiera took another step in his milestone as an advocate of the youth.

In the letter sent to Abiera from the National Youth Commission, the event will be held on April 24-28, 2017 at Bangkok, Thailand in order to raise awareness on cyberbullying, discrimination and other rampant issues from social media.

Photo from the Facebook page of the National Youth Commission

Armed with his passion in service, Dun felt the need for this programs as a tool in combating against the impending risks brought by social media not just to the youth but also to all the people that is vulnerable to such dangers.

 “It’s significant because I’ve been cyberbullied before and I also can be the prime mover in helping to resolve the problems (that) arise from the social media and develop mechanisms to prevent it,” Abiera said as he shared his own experience as a victim of cyberbullying.

Furthermore, the workshop will help the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in creating a youth network in cyber safety that will monitor the cases regarding the problems in social medias.

As one of the three ambassadors from the Philippines, Dun will use the knowledge and experience to help more students go beyond the four corners of the classrooms and develop their holistic parts in different walks of life.

 “My advocacy is to promote education in holistic package and one of it is media literacy since the social media become a toll of discrimination, bullying and other problems that is experienced by the youth today.” Abiera concluded.