Written by Winona Claire Sebastian

Last April 10-11, 2017, Pagpakabana: 2017 Paragon Pre-Election Seminar and Workshop was held at University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) College of Education AVR.

Paragon, the only recognized sociopolitical organization in USeP, “is committed to provide its members and the whole USeP community quality political education and additional workshops for aspiring candidates for the upcoming election”, described by Niel Aresco, a faculty member and the co-adviser of Paragon.

“We were really happy to see students’ enthusiasm and commitment to Paragon’s mantra [Para sa USeP, Para sa Bayan]. It seemed like they were impressed by the speakers and the quality of program we had prepared for them. The first night was for enhancing debate skills and PRP seminar. Second day includes EJ, Yzza, and Benralph”, Aresco added.

paragon all
L-R: Incumbent OCSC President Ariel Aranjuez, Niel Aresco, Khryzza Mae Pinzon, Ernest John Ulep, and OCSC EVP candidate Kenneth Sley Sarte

PIGLASAPAT’s Chairperson Khryzza Mae Pinzon and Campus Clubs Organization (CCO) Creative Team Head Ernest John Ulep, along with Benralph Yu, the first and only Davaoeño to become the National Confederation of SSG President were the distinguished guests in the second day of the said event.

paragon 3
L-R: Ernest John Ulep, Khryzza Mae Pinzon, Benralph Yu

They talked about political parties, political climate in the Philippines, and the millennial revolution, publicity and publication materials, and political disposition of the audience, respectively.

Paragon yzza

Pinzon described Paragon as a prestigious organization and how she felt honored to be a part of Paragon’s endeavor. When asked for her message for USePians, she said, “Laban USePians! Enough with TraPos and identity politics. Let’s vote based on their platforms and stands on issues. Challenge your candidates! You deserve a student council that knows how to fight for you!”

paragon ulep

USeP’s Obrero Campus Student Council (OCSC) campaign period started on April 24 and will end on May 2 which will also be the Miting de Advance Day. Election proper will be on May 4 and proclamation of winners on May 18.